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Living History

Finding Fleetwood

The Installation

Finding Fleetwood is the first experience to be created for the Discover Wyre Trails project.

This is an interactive game board. The aim is to get to the end and explore the stories of Fleetwood as you go.

Scan the QR Code in square 1 and use your phone to roll the dice (click here to get to the dice roller).

Move along the board and scan the QR codes to discover stories about Fleetwood - past, present and future.

You can share your stories with the project simply by using the Iszy button links in the platform, and by emailing us any time at


The Project

Finding Fleetwood is a growing collection of digital storytelling trails and experiences about and around Fleetwood being created with Fleetwood people.

This is the Fleetwood section of a larger project called Discover Wyre Trails that will see new digital storytelling trails and experiences being developed around Fleetwood, as well as in other places in the local area, all accessible in one place.

These trails are exploring different ways of thinking and speaking about Fleetwood and the experiences of people who live, work and visit here.

This is a collaborative project being developed by this great adventure, working with a range of content development partners in Fleetwood, volunteers and members of the public.

We hope you enjoy the first collection of trails to be published.

This is an evolving project and more trails are being developed that will explore different themes, including Nature and Climate Change, Health and Wellbeing, Art and a trail being created with and by young people.

Also, keep an eye out this Christmas for the release of the new Augmented Reality trail app that's being developed, and the AR Festive Trail (coming in November 2021) that will be free to download and play on iOS and Android.



A very big thank you to our content development partners in Fleetwood and to the people of Fleetwood for sharing their time and stories with us so far.

Fleetwood Museum

Fleetwood Market

Market House Studios

Healthier Fleetwood

Affinity Lancashire

Fisherman's Mission

Fleetwood Trust

Fleetwood FC

Fleetwood Library

Red Rose Archive

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