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Garstang Arts Centre

From Grammar School to Arts Centre Take me here now

Local Historian Paul Smith talks about the history of the Grammar School.

Garstang Grammar School (courtesy of Garstang Arts Centre and Garstang Heritage Society)
Garstang Grammar School (courtesy of Garstang Arts Centre and Garstang Heritage Society)
Garstang Arts Centre (Photography by Lynn Harter)
Garstang Arts Centre (Photography by Lynn Harter)

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When you reach the top of the high street, you will see a fine two story stone building with arched windows. This was erected in 1756 and this was Garstang's former grammar school. It came into being because of an endowment left by a man called John Morland of Winmarleigh, who believed that young boys of Garstang should be given the opportunity for a further education to learn to read and write, and to further their careers in the big, wide world. And the school itself was such a success that it continued for generations of Garstang's children until the year 1928, when it finally closed its doors at a time when the headmaster was Mr. Joseph Irving. After the closure, it became a kind of a workshop for learning woodworking and also domestic science classes too. But these ended in 1969 and since that date, it has become Garstang's Art Centre where local crafts and paintings are put on display for the local populace to enjoy.

The front part was originally the Boys Grammar School built in 1756 and closed in 1928.

Since 1969, the building has been held by Garstang Town Trust, serving the local community, supporting numerous interest groups, and hosting exhibitions and events.

It houses, in the old school room, memorabilia of the old Garstang Corporation, which includes two halberds (axes dated 1886), an imperial one gallon measure, a  town crier’s bell, town sergeant’s truncheon, handcuffs, and a branding iron.

To see what's on at the Arts Centre, follow this link.

The Centre is open for coffee on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

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